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Exhibition Hall


Migé Amour: Bass

Linde: Guitar

Gas Lipstick: Drums, percussion

Zoltan Pluto: Keyboards

Ville Valo: Vocals

Set List

  1. "Right Here in My Arms"
  2. "Your Sweet 666"
  3. "Razorblade Kiss"
  4. "Poison Girl"
  5. "Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart"
  6. "Death is in Love With Us"
  7. "Wicked Game"
  8. "It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)"
  9. "Gone With the Sin"
  10. "Please Don't Let it Go"
  11. "Join Me in Death"

  • Encore:
12. "Resurrection"
13. "Again"
14. "For You"
15. "Rebel Yell"

Notes & Trivia

  • This is the first known performance of "Again".
  • This was a show replacement for the gig at the Highfield Festival, which had to be canceled because of weather conditions. People who attended the Highfield Festival performance were able to mail in their wristbands for free tickets to this show.

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