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DS Jubilenny Hall
Saint Petersburg


  • This show was canceled due to a problem with Customs and rescheduled for December 16th, 2001.
  • Taken from's Road Notes:

NEWS 14.06.01


Wild rumours are running around of the reasons for the canceled first show in St Petersburg. Well, Ville wasn't arrested for drugs or any other illegal activities … the reason was simply that we got stuck at the Russian customs with the equipment. We spent seven hours there while the customs officers were doing all the paperwork, getting stamps etc. Finally we arrived to St Petersburg at 11 in the evening, which was much too late for the show.

We felt really angry about the customs inefficiency and disappointed and sad for all the fans who had traveled to the gig and decided to arrange a replacement show in December. It's now definitely happening on Sunday, December 16th.

Moscow two days later was a great pleasure for all of us … great crowd, nice hall, good show and very nice people to work with. The hospitality of our hosts made for a brilliant first impression of Moscow. We will definitely be back.

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