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Hellenikon State Airport [Rockwave Festival]


  • This show was canceled apparently due to under cover actions.
  • Taken from's News section:


According to an official press release from the festival promoters, this years' Rockwave Festival has been canceled. We haven't had an official announcement yet, but we'll keep you updated. This is the text of the press release:

Big Star Promotion in the long held tradition of organizing successful music festivals in Greece with responsibility and professionalism, chose this year the former State Airport at Hellenikon area as the site to present Rockwave Festival 2002. This area fulfills all the production and safety prerequisites for a music festival and was selected having the mutual agreement of the Greek Minister of Transportation and Communication and the Civil Air Transportation Services that leased the area to Big Star Promotion.

However, at a time that the preparation for the Rockwave Festival had reached its peak and thousands of tickets had already been sold both in Greece and abroad, undercover coordinated actions from various parties, forced us to suspend the event, today, June 21st, day that is dedicated worldwide to music.

Responsible for calling off the event are:

The Mayor of Hellenikon that without reason refuses to give permission for the festival.

The Police Department of Hellenikon and its supervising authority, the General Administrative Police Department of Athens that without justification invokes hypothetical and non-existent perils for the public safety, stating their unwillingness and weakness to provide any kind of protection.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communication and the Civil Air Transportation Services that withdraw from responsibilities deriving from mutually signed agreement between Big Star Promotion and the aforementioned.

The Political Leadership that boasts for its competence to protect the millions of visitors of the Olympic Games in 2004, being though incapable to do the same for the Festival audience.

We hope that all the above will take the responsibility to explain to the thousands of fans of the Rockwave Festival the true reason why the event will not take place this year, something that they diligently refuse to do so far acting in a most condemnable way.

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