This article refers to the song "And Love Said No". For the greatest hits album, see And Love Said No...: The Greatest Hits 1997-2004.

"And Love Said No" is the first track exclusively released on the And Love Said No...: The Greatest Hits 1997-2004 compilation album. It is also the second single released for promotion of the album. The song was performed mainly on the Love Metal Odyssey 2004 Tour and the U.S. Tour 2004. An earlier session take of the song with slightly different arrangements was released on the Wings of a Butterfly Maxi-CD single. This version is presumed to be a take from an earlier session.

Song Details
Writers Ville Valo
Also Known As ALSN
First Known Performance December 17th, 2003
Last Known Performance November 18th, 2004
Total Times Played Live 29

Song History

"And Love Said No" was a part of the new material that was recorded in December of 2003. In an interview during 2004 it was mentioned by Ville that the song was about the past two years of his life and where he is now presently.

"Texts I have written lately feel more personal right now, so I'll choose "And love said no". It's about what I have went through the last two years and where I am today. It's a story about a relationship that didn't work so good. About losing all hope about the future when it comes to love and romance, but in some way find the right person in the end of the tunnel."

Music Video


The band appearing in the music video for "And Love Said No"

The music video for the song, directed by Bam Margera, started production literally right after the completion of the music video for "Solitary Man" within the same day. The filming began in January of 2004 and ran from the 7th to the 10th. While the previous videos filmed were fun to do they wanted to try something in a different direction. For this video they wanted to experiment with CGI and chroma key (greenscreen).

The chroma key shots were filmed in Studio B at Millennium Sound Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The CGI was done by Jose Gomez and Andre Stringer of Shilo. Upon completion of shooting it was brought to attention about the amount of time it would take to complete the shots in post-production, and wondering if any of the filmed footage would be usable since they were not able to preview the footage during filming. It was then decided that for safety they would film a few live-action shots just in case.

For the live-action shots the location was chosen to be Fonthill in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The now known U.S. Historic National Landmark was the self built home of American archeologist and tile maker Henry Chapman Mercer. The interior and exterior scenes were filmed using the home, and its background along with a scene filmed in the woods nearby which Bam said it was one of the same spots that the Blair Witch Project was shot at.

The music video begins with the first page of a hard cover book opened showing Fonthill. It then turns into a downward spiral of various texts, roman numerals under a magnifying glass, and a blue colored eye showing. The first paragraph of text shown is a piece from the first chapter of Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell. It then leads into the performance of the band closely zoomed on Ville intertwined with the interior and exterior shots, and the shots in the woods along with more paragraphs of text - most notably His Immortal Majesty. The video ends with the words "The End."


And love's light blew led me to you
Through the emptiness that had become my home
Love that's cruel introduced me to you
And that moment I knew I was out of hope

Kill me
I begged and love said no
Leave me
For dead and let me go
Kill me
I cried and love said no
Kill me
I cried and love said no

Love's icy tomb dug open for you
Lies in a cemetery that bears my name
Love's violent tune from me to you
Rips your heart out and leaves you bleeding with a smile on your face

Kill me
I begged and love said no
Leave me
For dead and let me go
Kill me
I cried and love said no
Kill me
I cried and love said no

Love's light blew took me from you
And that moment I knew I was out of hope again

Kill me
I begged and love said no
Leave me
For dead and let me go
Kill me
I cried and love said no
Kill me
I cried and love said no

And love said no
And love said no


And Love Said No

This version features a lead-in by guitar with the instruments mixes quieter during the verses. There are sound effects, a Gregorian-like melody and a speed duration change in the drum track done during the bridge. The track eventually returns to it's original speed with a drum lead into kill me on the beginning stanza of the last verse. The notes of the fade out are different to the 616 version.

And Love Said No (616 Version)

This version features a lead-in by keyboards with the instruments mixes louder during the verses. The sound effects and other changes during the bridge on the finalized track are missing here. It is instead replaced with the guitar going down half a step each note. The drums kick into kill me on the beginning of the last verse. The notes of the fade out are different to the finalized version.

And Love Said No (Love Metal Archives Vol. 1)

This live version is taken from the Tavastia Club on December 31st, 2003. This performance can be found either in the live clips section of And Love Said No, or the "A-Z" section on Love Metal Archives Vol. 1. Originally when this show was broadcast on television the only songs the band didn't want aired were in the encore which included this song.

And Love Said No (Radio Edit)

This version is designed to fit the time specifications of a radio edit. The bridge, lead-in and lead-out are all trimmed down to fit.





Performance Dates

2003/12/17 - Prinzenbar: Hamburg, Germany

2003/12/19 - Astoria: London, England

2003/12/31 - Tavastia Club: Helsinki, Finland

2004/01/19 - Alcatraz: Milan, Italy

2004/01/21 - L´Elysée Montmatre: Paris, France

2004/01/22 - Den Atelier: Luxembourg, Germany

2004/03/26 - Grosse Freiheit 36: Hamburg, Germany

2004/03/27 - Pier 2: Bremen, Germany

2004/04/06 - Capitol: Offenbach, Germany

2004/04/03 - Palladium: Cologne, Germany

2004/04/07 - Muffathalle: Munich, Germany

2004/04/24 - Majestic Theatre: Detroit, Michigan

2004/10/11 - Olympia Theatre: Dublin, Ireland

2004/10/12 - Mandela Hall: Belfest, Ireland

2004/10/17 - Corn Exchange: Cambridge, England

2004/10/19 - UEA Hall: Norwich, England

2004/10/20 - Civic Hall: Wolverhampton, England

2004/10/21 - Academy: Liverpool, England

2004/10/23 - Corn Exchange: Edinburgh, Scotland

2004/10/24 - Aberdeen Music Hall: Aberdeen, Scotland

2004/10/25 - Northumbria University: Newcastle, England

2004/10/26 - University of Leeds: Leeds, England

2004/10/27 - Carling Apollo Manchester: Manchester, England

2004/10/30 - Hammersmith Apollo: London, England

2004/10/31 - Hammersmith Apollo: London, England

2004/11/12 - Palladium: Worcester, Massachusetts

2004/11/13 - Electric Factory: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2004/11/14 - Irving Plaza, New York City, New York

2004/11/18 - The Rock Club: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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