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HIM has a tour history dating back to late 1992, when they were given their first chance to play at the Tavastia Club. Since then, they've played in all types of venues, from small clubs, to sports arenas and stadiums, to some of the largest music festivals in the world.

This page serves as a hub for all the tours performed by HIM.

Tour Duration Location
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Tour
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Promotional Tour 1997/05/161997/12/31 Europe
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Winter Tour 1998 1998/01/091998/02/27 Europe
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Spring Tour 1998 1998/03/061998/06/03 Europe
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Summer Festival Tour 1998 1998/06/051998/08/02 Europe
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Fall Tour 1998 1998/08/141998/12/31 Europe
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Spring Tour 1999 1999/03/301999/05/10 Europe
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 Summer Festival Tour 1999 1999/05/211999/09/04 Europe
Razorblade Romance Tour
Razorblade Romance Winter Tour 2000/02/072000/02/26 Europe
Razorblade Romance Spring Tour 2000/03/012000/05/17 Europe
Razorblade Romance U.K. Tour 2000/05/192000/05/25 UK
Razorblade Romance Summer Tour 2000/05/302000/09/24 Europe
Razorblade Romance Fall Tour 2000/10/272000/11/30 Europe
Support for Paradise Lost & Extra Dates 2000/12/052000/12/09 Europe, UK
Razorblade Romance Fall Tour Makeup Dates 2001/01/162001/01/20 Europe
Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights Tour
Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights Summer Tour 2001/06/022001/08/02 Europe
Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights Fall Tour 2001/09/172001/12/16 Europe
Support for The Mission 2002/02/282002/03/01 UK
Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights Finnish Tour 2002/03/152002/04/12 Europe
Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights U.K. Tour 2002/05/152002/05/23 UK
Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights Summer Festival Tour 2002/06/132002/08/31 Europe
Love Metal Tour
No Sleep Till Vaappu Tour 2003/04/242003/04/30 Finland
Love Metal Summer Tour 2003/05/172003/08/02 Europe
Love Metal Autumn Tour 2003/08/082003/08/29 Europe
Ozzfest 2003 1st CANCELLATION 2003/09/042003/09/30 Europe, UK
Ozzfest 2003 Warmup 2003/10/172003/10/18 Europe
Ozzfest 2003 2nd CANCELLATION 2003/10/222003/12/05 Europe, UK
Love Metal Autumn Tour Continued CANCELED 2003/11/082003/11/19 Europe
Ozzfest 2003 3rd CANCELLATION 2004/01/152004/02/26 Europe, UK
Love Metal Winter Tour 2004/01/192004/02/23 Europe, UK
Love Metal Zurich & Switzerland Tour 2004/03/192004/03/22 Europe
Love Metal Odyssey 2004 Tour 2004/03/252004/04/08 Europe
USA Tour 2004 2004/04/152004/05/17 North America
Summer Tour 2004 2004/05/292004/07/04 Europe, UK
And Love Said No...: 10th Anniversary Tour
U.K. Tour 2004 2004/10/112004/10/31 UK
U.S. Tour 2004 2004/11/122004/12/04 North America
U.S. Tour 2004 Makeup Dates 2005/02/262005/02/27 North America
Dark Light Tour
Dark Light Summer Tour 2005/06/032005/08/14 Europe, UK
Dark Light Club Tour 2005/08/272005/09/22 Europe, UK
Dark Light Fall Tour 2005/10/052005/11/27 North America
UK Tour 2006 CANCELED 2006/01/162006/01/26 UK
European Tour 2006 2006/02/022006/03/13 Europe
Japan Tour 2006 2006/03/172006/03/18 Japan
Australia Tour 2006 2006/03/222006/03/28 Australia, New Zealand
UK Tour 2006 Makeup Dates 2006/04/182006/04/28 UK
USA Tour 2006 2006/05/022006/06/10 North America
European Summer Festival Tour 2006 2006/06/162006/08/19 Europe
No Sleep 'Til Halloween Tour CANCELED 2006/10/182006/11/16 North America
Venus Doom Tour
Give It A Name Festival 2007/04/272007/04/29 UK
European Summer Festival Tour 2007 2007/07/062007/07/14 Europe
Support for Metallica's Sick of the Studio '07 Tour 2007/07/082007/07/18 Europe, UK
Projekt Revolution 2007/07/252007/09/03 North America
Fall Tour 2007 2007/10/182007/12/02 North America
UK Tour 2007 2007/12/072007/12/13 UK
European Tour 2008 2008/02/132008/03/12 Europe
Australia Tour 2008 2008/03/232008/03/31 Australia, New Zealand
European Summer Festival Tour 2008 2008/06/062008/08/02 Europe
Projekt Revolution 2008/06/212008/06/28 Europe

Unabridged Dates

Date/Location Venue
New Year's Eve 1992
1992/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Semifinal Club
Support for Kauko Röyhkä
1995/12/19 Helsinki, Finland Teatro Club
Metal Cover Festival
1995/12/XX Helsinki, Finland Teatro Club
Record Release Party for 666 Ways To Love
1996/10/19 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
Filmitalli Öy Private Party
1998/05/14 Helsinki, Finland Yksityisbileet Filmitalli Öy
New Year's Eve 1999
1999/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
New Year's Eve 2000
2000/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
Support for The 69 Eyes
2001/05/25 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
Bam's CKY3 Premiere Party
2001/08/19 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
New Year's Eve 2001
2001/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
Support for The Skreppers
2002/09/07 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
Aki's Private Party
2002/10/02 Helsinki, Finland Kabuki
New Year's Eve 2002
2002/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
Love Metal Preview Show
2003/03/08 Hamburg, Germany Grosse Freiheit 36
B2 Secret Show
2003/05/18 Moscow, Russia B2
Los 40 Principales Private Party
2003/05/29 Madrid, Spain Chesterfield Café
Signing Session Secret Show
2003/09/08 London, England Camden Underworld
Secret Show
2003/12/17 Hamburg, Germany Prinzenbar
New Year's Eve 2003
2003/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
HMV Signing Session Show
2004/03/17 London, England The Scala
Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards
2004/06/07 London, England Ocean
New Year's Eve 2004
2004/12/30 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
New Year's Eve 2004
2004/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
Tsunami AIDS Benefit
2005/01/17 Helsinki, Finland Hartwall Arena
German Fan Club Secret Show
2005/06/02 Munich, Germany Backstage Club
NJoy Radio Secret Show
2005/09/08 Bueckeburg, Germany Remise Castle
HellDone Festival 2005
2005/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
HellDone Festival 2006
2006/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
VK Club Special Show
2007/07/07 Brussels, Belgium VK Club
Borderline Special Show
2007/09/17 London, England The Borderline
Blender Sessions: CMJ Late Night
2007/10/17 New York, NY Blender Theater at Gramercy
HellDone Festival 2007
2007/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club
O² Music Flash with HIM
2008/06/04 Cologne, Germany O² World on Tour
HellDone Festival 2008
2008/12/27 Helsinki, Finland Nosturi
2008/12/29 Oulu, Finland Club Teatria
2008/12/30 Tampere, Finland Pakkahuone
2008/12/31 Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Club