The King of Rock'n Roll
Studio album by Daniel Lioneye
Released: September 26th, 2001
Recorded: 2001
Length: 39:26
Label: BMG, GUN, Supersonic, Voskon Records
Producer: Dr. Skrepper

The King of Rock'n Roll is the first album by Daniel Lioneye released on September 26th, 2001 through Voskon Records and BMG. This marks the first release for the band and contains sound samples, back masking and other effects.


The recording for this album took only five days including mixing and mastering. At the time of going into the studio to record they only had three songs written to record. The final outcome of the sound is very, very raw.

Below is an excerpt of an interview with Daniel Lioneye transcribed from the German interview on the web site.

The production of the album is very raw and sharp, did you want to create an antipole to HIM?

"We knew the studio production of the last HIM album was going to be a very expensive one, so with Lioneye I wanted to try something else, and all the mechanical technology in the studio had to sound raw where possible. There was no masterplan to start with, everything just went like it did, which can be heard best on the album. "

How long did it take you to finish the album?

"5 days including mixing and mastering."

Track ListingEdit

  1. "The King of Rock'n Roll" - 2:58
  2. "Roller" - 3:57
  3. "Dope Danny" - 5:31
  4. "Never Been in Love (Till the Day I Die)" - 2:39
  5. "Eldorado Baby" - 3:11
  6. "Lonely Road" - 4:48
  7. "International P-Lover" - 3:22
  8. "We Gonna Rockin Tonight" - 8:29
  9. "Knockin on Heaven's Door" - 4:32

Album CreditsEdit

  • All songs written by: D.L. / published by Heartagram Ltd. except k.o.h.d. written by Bob Dylan/published by Sony music
  • Produced, mixed & engineered by: dr. Skrepper
  • coverDesign by: JuskillAmerica


  • Here is some more information on the people thanked in the booklet:

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